Dogri Sanstha Jammu today, released a book of Dogri Ghazals by Ashok Ambar, entitled “Namaan Savera”. Darshan Darshi, Convener of Dogri Advisory Board in Sahitya Akademi, was the Chief Guest in the function which was presided over by Prof. Lalit Magotra, President of Dogri Sanstha. Dr. Arvinder Singh Amn, Additional Secretary of J&K
Academy of Art, Culture and Languages was the Guest of Honor on the occasion. Dr. Yash Raina read a paper highlighting the literary merits of the released book.

Prof. Lalit Magotra, in his presidential address pointed out that for quite some time it was being felt that Dogri poetry has reached a level of saturation and when we have to talk of excellence, we always look back to the past, but recently some of the new poets have kindled new hope and at times their writings touch new heights of excellence in poetry, in general and Dogri Ghazal in particular. That is why, one gets excited reading some of the new book of young poets. Many of the new poets are keen observers of the changes taking place in the society and portray changing society in their poetry. And Ashok Ambar is one of such poets.

To substantiate his opinion, Prof. Magotra quoted a few verses from Ashok’s ghazals. Darshan Darshi, while speaking on the merits of the book, said that Ashok Ambar’s poetry has added new dimensions to Dogri literature, not only through new subjects and themes but also by virtue of his style and the usage of typical chaste Dogri vocabulary and
idiom. In Ashok Ambar Dogri has got a new sensitive poet, who has raised the expectations of all lovers of Dogri literature.

Dr. Arvinder Singh Amn observed that expression of common man’s problems and aspirations in Ashok’s shayari presents a realistic view of life that makes a direct impact on the reader. Some of the couplets of his ghazals have such appeal that the reader tends to commit them to his memory. This is a good collection for ghazal lovers.

Ashok Ambar read some of his Ghazals, which were immensely liked by the audience. The program was conducted and anchored by Susheel Begana, himself a poet par excellence who laced his presentation by his poetic remarks and quoted liberally from the poetry of the author.

Dr. Nirmal Vinod, General Secretary of Sanstha thanked the audience
and media at the conclusion of the program.


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