About Us

Dogri Sanstha, Jammu was founded on the auspicious day of  Vasant Panchami, Saturday, 29th January, 1944 and as such has completed seventy-five years of its existence. It is the oldest and most active literary and cultural organization in  Jammu and Kashmir State. During these seventy-five years, Dogri Sanstha has created great awareness among the people of the country and the State in general, and the Dogri speaking people in particular, about their rich cultural heritage. It played an important role during 1947-48 in arousing the sentiments of the people  by holding kavi-sammelans in different parts of Jammu region and by staging drama shows before large audiences. It also organized the first exhibition of ‘Pahari Miniature’  at Tikri in 1948 and was instrumental in the setting up of ‘Dogra Art Gallery’, presently in Jammu.

Dogri Sanstha brought out its first publication in Dogri entitled “Jaago Duggar “. Till date it has brought out about a hundred fifty books, their number being second only to the books published by the J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages. it is bringing out a quarterly magazine “Nameen Chetana” and till date, about 200 volumes have been published. It has also brought out special numbers of children literature, women writers’ literature as well as novels, criticism etc. All this has been the result of the voluntary efforts of the writers, poets, play-writers, artists.

It has also organized nine All India Dogri Writers conferences, a couple of workshops on theatre, a large number of seminars and symposia, debates and declamation contests. it has also been organizing folk fairs , wherein the rich folk cultural traditions of the Dogras are highlighted through the holding of exhibition of folk arts and crafts , and programmes of folk music and folk dances. The Sanstha also organizes literary meets, ghazal gosthies. It has also a programme, An evening with eminent Author, playwright, an artists.

Dogri Sanstha started free coaching classes for the Shriomani classes and continued doing this for about 25 years. With the start of post graduation in Dogri in Jammu university and as an elective subject at the  graduate level, the number of students appearing in shiromani has considerably dwindled. However, Sanstha even now helps the needy students by providing them free books and guidance.

Dogri Sanstha has got its own building known as “Dogri Bhawan”, which was constructed at a cost of Rs 5 Lacs. Out of this, only a grant of Rs 90,000 received from Govt. of India and the remaining amount was raised through public donations as well as from the Sanstha’s collections raised by selling its publications to the students and libraries to maintain the Dogri Bhawan and manage its affairs properly. To extend it functions in the educational field, the Dogri Sanstha formed a trust known as ‘Dogri Bhawan Trust’. Dogri Sanstha had been in the forefront in demanding the inclusion of Dogri in the VIII schedule of the Indian Constitution. It collaborated with various organization in getting this genuine demand accepted by the Govt. of India. In response to this demand, Dogri was included in VIIIth Schedule of Indian Constitution on 22nd December, 2003.

Dogri Sanstha has also been voicing its demand for making Dogri an compulsory optional subject at the matriculation level and an elective subject in more higher secondary schools and colleges. Since 2005, the introduction of Dogri as a subject for I.A.S examination the Sanstha has been organizing free coaching classes for the desirous students.

The Sanstha has also plans to construct museum of folk arts and crafts but is hamstrung for want of funds. The Sanstha is proposing to approach the state government for giving some special grants to complete the project. The Sanstha has collected and tape recorded hundreds of songs. It is also planning to prepare video cassettes of folk music, folk dances and plays. It has been rightly said that: history of Dogri literature is history of Dogri Sanstha. Sanstha has a library in which has a collection of almost all Dogri books and books regarding Dogra culture , art and Dogras. However, the library needs to be further augmented and also needs a proper reading room.

Presidents of  Dogri Sanstha

S.No.     Name Period
1 Pt. Sansar Chand 1944 – 1955
2 Sh. Shriniwas Shah 1955 – 1957
3 Sh. Dharma Chander Prashant 1957 – 1969
4 Sh. Dinu Bhai Pant 1969 – 1972
5 Sh. Dharma Chander Prashant 1972 – 1975
6 Prof. Nilamber Dev Sharma 1977 – 1996
7 Prof. Lalit Magotra 1996 – 2014
8 Sh. Chhatrapal 2014 – 2018
9 Prof. Lalit Magotra 2018 – 2021
10 Prof. Lalit Magotra 2022 – 2025

Secretaries of Dogri Sanstha

S.No. Name  Period
1 Prof. Ram Nath Shastri 1944 – 1961
2 Prof. Ram Nath Shastri 1961 – 1977
3 Sh. Narayan Mishra 1977 – 1982
4 Prof. Champa Sharma 1982 – 1986
4 Prof. Lalit Magotra 1986 – 1993
5 Sh. Kunwar Viyogi 23rd May, 1993 – 22nd November, 1993
6 Prof. Veena Gupta 23rd  November, 1993 – 1999
7 Sh. Dhyan Singh 1999 – 2002
8 Prof. Veena Gupta 2002 – 2014
9 Dr. Nirmal Vinod 2014 – 2021
10 Sh. Rajeshwar Singh 2022 – 2025