Mansa Book Release

Book Release: Novel by Inderjeet Kesar Released

A new Dogri novel 'Munsa' written by veteran and prolific Dogri writer Inderjeet Kesar was released today by Dogri Sanstha in an impressive and...

Book Release: ‘Prayaas-2’ by Col. Manawari

Dogri Sanstha, Jammu organized release of a book ‘Prayaas-2’ by Col. Raz Manawari containing critical analysis and evaluation of ghazals written by legendary poet...

Working Committee Meeting

डोगरी संस्था, जम्मू दी कार्यकारणी दी बैठक 28-03-18 गी डोगरी भवन, कर्ण नगर जम्मू च होई। बैठक च संस्था दे प्रधान प्रो....

Book Release: “Dogri Kanne Matreya Bartaa” – A Collection of Dogri Poetry

Dogri Sanstha Jammu and Team Jammu jointly released a book of collection of Dogri poetry entitled “Dogri Kanne Matreya Bartaa” (Step motherly treatment with...
Book by Santosh Sangra Released

Book Release: Book by Santosh Sangra Released

A book of collection of essays by veteran writer Santosh Sangra “Vichar Aaushad” was released today by Hemant Sharma, Divisional Commissioner, Jammu in a...
A Book of Dogri Short Stories by Jagdeep Dubey Released

Book Release: Dogri Short Stories by Jagdeep Dubey

Dogri Sanstha, today released a book on collection of short stories by well-known playwright and theatre artiste Jagdeep Dubey. Titled ‘Sanction’, this is the...