Dogri Sanstha Jammu celebrated Dogri Maanata Din, the day on which Dogri was included in the 8th schedule of Indian constitution in the year 2003. The celebrations started with a day-long Kavi goshthi in which 35 poems were shared in the WhatsApp group of Dogri Sanstha. The poems centered around the themes of love for Dogri, importance of Dogri and the sweetness of Dogri language. In addition the writers exchanged greetings and congratulations among themselves on this auspicious day. The celebrations culminated with Deepak Mala at Dogri Bhavan, Karan Nagar Jammu. Sweets were exchanged and Dogri songs were sung to celebrate this day as a festival. President of Dogri Sanstha, Prof. Lalit Mangotra spoke briefly on this occasion and congratulated the people of Duggar and laid stress on the importance of mother tongue. He urged the Dogras to speak Dogri in their households, especially with the younger generation. Others who were present in the festivities include Prof. Veena Gupta, Gyaneshwar Sharma, Sushil Begana, Vijaya Thakur, Ravi Magotra, Promila Manhas, HC Jalmeria, Pawan Verma, Ashok Khajuria, Diwan Singh and Sudesh Verma.


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