Dogri Sanstha, Jammu organized a Special Kavi-Goshti in connection with celebration of Platinum Jubilee of its foundation. Dogri Sanstha was formed on the Basant Panchami Day of the year 1944. Having completed 75 years of its formation, the year 2019 is being celebrated as its Platinum Jubilee Year. As such, it is the oldest literary organization working for promotion and development of Dogri in the J&K State.

The Kavi-Goshti on this Basant Panchami day, was held at Dogri Sanstha, Karan Nagar, Jammu, where a new building complex of Dogri Sanstha is coming up. Almost all prominent Dogri poets participated in the Kavi-Goshti, which in addition to poets from Jammu, also included those from far-off places like Udhampur, Akhnoor and Kathua etc.

The ones who recited their poems were Gianeshwar Sharma, Nirmal Vinod, Susheel Begana, Randhir Raipuria, Vijaya Thakur, Promila Manhas, Bishan Singh Dardi, Jagdeep Dubey, Kuldeep Kippi, Abdul Qadir Kundariya, Dalmotra, Ashok Khajuria, Deepak Arsi, Prof. Raj Kumar, Baljeet Singh Raina, Darshan Darshi, Ratan Bhardwaj, Lalit Magotra, Pawan Verma, Dr. Bansi Lal, Dr. Sandeep Sufi etc. In addition, all poets of Adbi Kunj led by senior poet Sham Talib also participated in the programme.

The whole programme was held in an atmosphere of celebration and gaiety. Prof. Lalit Magotra, while speaking on the occasion said that Basant Panchami is an auspicious and very important day in the history of Dogri literarture. He reminded that it was on this day that a solid foundation of modern Dogri literature was laid. He recounted the major achievements of Sanstha and the stellar role it played in the phenomenal evolution of Dogri literature. He complimented all Dogri writers who had been and are the part of Dogri Sanstha in its glorious journey. He also shared the future vision of Sanstha for attaining all that, which this beautiful language of valiant Dogras deserve.

The programme was conducted in a masterful manner by Susheel Begana, who is also the Literary Secretary of Dogri Sanstha.

Dr. Nirmal Vinod, General Secretary of Dogri Sanstha thanked the audience, media and all others at the conclusion of the programme.


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