Dogri Sanstha, Jammu organized a Sangeet-Sandhya in connection with Platinum Jubilee of its formation.

The programme was dedicated to great Urdu poet Late Pt. Vidya Ratan Aasi, who passed away only a day earlier. 2 minutes silence was observed to pray for the peace of the departed soul.

In the Sangeet-Sandhya, lyrics written by prominent Dogri poets Padmashri Padma Sachdev, Gianeshwar Sharma, Ashok Ambar, Deepak Arsi, Susheel Begana and Vijaya Thakur, were sung by Sham Sajan, Rabjot Singh, Satbir Singh Jamwal and Neelam Langeh. The music was composed by renowned composer Sham Sajan and accompaniment on tabala and violin was provided by Purushotam Kumar and Bahadur Singh respectively. Music rendered and tunes composed to convey the mood of the poetry was the highlight of compositions. The singers did justice to both the poetry and the music compositions, while rendering the sounds. The audience were highly appreciative of the performances.

Prof. Lalit Magotra, President of Dogri Sanstha, in his welcome address paid his tributes to Pt. Vidya Ratan Aasi and said that his death has caused a void in the literary field which is hard to fill. While speaking about the musical programme to be presented, he said that such programmes play an important role in popularizing the poetry among the general public. He urged the persons associated with the local music industry to bring out tastefully composed and aesthetically produced Dogri music CDs to play their part in promoting poetry and music. He also commended Sham Sajan for his selfless dedication to music, which prompts him to regularly present programmes of such high standard.

The proceedings of the programme were conducted by Dr. Nirmal Vinod, General Secretary of Dogri Sanstha who also thanked the audience, media and all others at the conclusion of the programme.


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  • Sushil Begana
    Sushil Begana
    March 1, 2019 at 2:57 am

    Yaadgar program


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