The Chairman,
J & K Public Service Commission,

Subject: Complaint about I(CCE-M)6, DOGRI-I and I(CCE-M)6, DOGRI-II papers set for CCE-Main examination, held in July 2018.

Dogri Sanstha, Jammu has received representations and complaints from the candidates who have appeared in the above-mentioned examination in July, 2018. The complaints are very serious in nature and if true, could adversely affect the careers of the candidates.

On a close scrutiny of the above-mentioned papers and prescribed syllabi for the same, we have observed the following:

Dogri paper-I
(i) In part-ब of question-1, the examiner has asked “डोगरी भाशा िदय􀂤 प्रमुख बोि􀃐लय􀂤 ते रचनाकार􀂤 दी िव􀃖तार च जानकारी देओ ।”
It is incomprehensible as to what does the examiner mean by ‘रचनाकार’ of ‘डोगरी भाशा ’ or of ‘प्रमुख बोि􀃐लयां’. The question makes no sense.
(ii) In Question-3, examiner has used word ‘चाणना’ as noun, which does not exist in Dogri as noun.
(iii) In question-4, the examiner has asked question pertaining to ’􀃅विन-􀃓यव􀃖था’. It is not clear as to what does the examiner mean by ‘􀃓यंजन 􀃅विन’ (singular) in the second half part of the question?

Dogri paper-I
(iv) In अ part of Question No. 5, the examiner has asked question pertaining to Dogri short story. There is no explicit mention of short story genre in the syllabus of this paper. And part ब of the same question pertains to ‘ल􀃌मी किवता’ , which is not again covered in the syllabus.
(v) Question No. 6 asks about ‘डोगरी बाल सािह􀃂य’, which has no explicit mention in the syllabus.

Dogri paper-II
(vi) In Question No. 5, the examiner has asked about ’नवरंग नाटक ‘. There is no ‘नवरंग नाटक’ existing in Dogri. In fact, there is a book entitled ‘नवरंग’ containing 9 one-act-plays of Dogri. It appears that the examiner has not read or even seen the book prescribed in the syllabi. Asking a question about the characters of the play ‘नवरंग’ shows the ignorance of the examiner and the extent of injustice to which the candidates of Dogri are subjected to.
(vii) Question No. 6, pertaining to ‘वक्रोिक्त िसद्धांत’ of literary criticism is also entirely out of syllabus.

The above instances establish beyond doubts that the examiner/examiners are either not experts of Dogri language and literature or are callous and careless.

Under the circumstances, Dogri Sanstha, which is the premier and representative organization of Dogri writers expresses its anguish over the treatment given to Dogri by J & K Public Service Commission. It is urged that immediately corrective steps be taken and those candidates who have
appeared in these papers be appropriately compensated for the errors/mistakes appearing in the papers.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Lalit Magotra
Dogri Sanstha, Jammu
Dogri Bhavan, Karan Nagar, Jammu-180001


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