Prof. Shiv Nirmohi, in an interaction with the leading writers and renowned scholars of various languages, shared his literary journey at Dogri Sanstha Jammu. The occasion was his felicitation by the Sanstha for his having been conferred with Padma Shri Award by the President of India.

Prof. R. D. Sharma, former Vice Chancellor of Jammu University was the Chief Guest on the occasion, where Prof. Lalit Magotra, President, Dogri Sanstha Jammu presided. Prof. Shiv Nirmohi shared landmark events of his chequered literary journey starting from a small village–Paintha and culminating into outstanding achievements in the field of literature and historical research. His zeal and enthusiasm for showcasing the rich historical and cultural heritage of Duggar was evidently palpable in his address to the gathering.

Prof. Veena Gupta, renowned scholar and former Head of the department of Dogri, University of Jammu presented a paper on the life and works of Prof. Shiv Nirmohi. Prof. Nirmohi was presented with a memento and shawl at this occasion.

Prof. R.D. Sharma narrated his experiences of interactions with Prof. Nirmohi, during his tenure as Vice-Chancellor of Jammu University. He said that he found Prof. Nirmohi always immersed in writing about various aspects of Jammu and Duggar Land. Prof. Nirmohi is fully dedicated to highlight the numerous diverse cultural and historical dimensions of this region.

Prof. Sharma further added that there is no other scholar who has written as many as 35 books pertaining to art, culture, geography and history of Jammu. The conferment of Padma Shri Award on Prof. Nirmohi is a befitting reward for the hard work he has put in for
propagating valuable information about Jammu. His contribution is unparalleled.

Prof. Lalit Magotra, while making his presidential remarks said that Prof. Nirmohi’s writings are most valuable treasure of information on Dogras, Dogri and Duggar, though he did not write much in Dogri but his writings provide a window to whole of the world, especially Hindi knowing scholars and readers to have an overview of the culture of this region, about which, otherwise the available material is very scant. He also urged the writers’ community to translate the works of Prof. Nirmohi into Dogri and English. He congratulated Prof. Nirmohi and wished him long life, full of further achievements.

Proceedings of the programme were conducted by Dr. Nirmal Vinod, General Secretary, Dogri Sanstha Jammu who also shared experiences of his association with Prof. Nirmohi.

At the conclusion of the function Gianeshwar Sharma,Vice President of Dogri Sanstha presented the vote of thanks.


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